Website Design and Development

I get to know your business, build a professional, goal-oriented website, and keep it running smoothly.

An outdated, unclear website - or none at all - is a missed opportunity at best.

At worst, it's actively pushing potential clients from your business.

Signs that your business is ready for its first website

  • You have a Facebook business Page, but you're worried that Facebook will change its policies again and hurt your business.
  • Customers need a place to find reliable information about your business. A place where you control the message.
  • You know that customers research businesses online before buying and you're concerned you're missing out.

If your existing website hasn't aged well, it's time for a refresh

  • Your business is more serious than your website. You may even be a little embarrassed sending customers to it.
  • The navigation is confusing or it doesn't list your current services. Customers assume you can't help solve their problem.
  • It doesn't look good on mobile, or is very slow to load. So customers give up and leave before finding what they came for.

Imagine having a website that shows up in search engines. It makes the right first impression. And customers know exactly how you can help them.

The path to a new website

Putting a web page on the internet can be quite simple these days. But developing a solid website strategy, and building an effective website that achieves its goal? That's harder than ever!

I don't use generic, templated designs. I don't sit waiting for inspiration to strike, either. Instead, I follow a proven process to create the right website for your business.

  • Digital roadmapping

    Successful projects don't happen accidentally - they're the result of a good plan. I'll ask lots of questions about your business and your customers. We'll discuss your goals, and the features that are needed to meet them.

  • Content and design

    A website can't simply be good-looking. It must be intentionally designed to achieve your goals. This phase starts with preparing text, and finishes with designs of key pages.

  • Custom development

    With the strategy and design complete, I'll build the new site. You'll get a peek several times along the way. Finally, your new, fast, secure website will be deployed for the world to see!

  • Care and optimization

    The web is littered with stale, outdated, insecure websites. But a website should be a pillar of your marketing strategy. My Care and Optimization plans will keep it safe, healthy, and continually improving, so it's always helping your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still on the fence?

"I don't know what features I want it to have!"

There are a lot of options - but don't worry, we'll figure it out together! We'll prioritize goals and implement the features needed to achieve them.

"A professional website is expensive!"

Like any salesperson, your website should pay for itself. So let's build a site that you can afford - we can add to it later.

"I've heard that it's easy to do myself!"

I think you're better off focusing on your customers. But if you choose to build it yourself, book a digital roadmapping session so you have a plan.